The Pretty Committee

Hey girlies,

This page is dedicated to………US!!!  It’s all about us, The Pretty Committee.  You’ll know what we look like (face claims ahv-course, we still need our privacy), our likes and dislikes and just things in general. ♥


The Pretty Committee

Massie Block

Age: 13

Eyes: Brown with Amber Specks

Hair: Brown

Family: Kendra Block (Mother), William Block (Father), Bean (Dog)

Screen Name: Massiekur

Relationships: Chris Abeley (ex-crush), Todd Lyons (first kiss, one-sided crush), Derrick Harrington/Derrington (ex-boyfriend), Dempsey Solomon (ex-crush),  James (ex-boyfriend), Landon Crane (boyfriend)

Status: Alpha of the Pretty Committee and to be of the Alpha of 9th grade at OCD High

Hey girlies, Massie Block here.  The alpha of the Pretty Committee as you all know.  I am attending OCD High with all of my BFFs, also know as the rest of the Pretty Committee, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire.  I totes heart shopping (who doesn’t?) and giving fashion advice to the girls.  My favorite color is ahb-viously purple.  The color of royalty.  I’m an elite horseback rider at Galwaugh Farms, and I have a white horse called Brownie.  My signature scent is Chanel no. 19, and one of my statement pieces is my signature gold charm bracelet.  I get a daily subscription to Glossip Girl lip gloss, and I totes heart it! (even though some of the flavors are kinda weird).  My boyfriend Landon is the best ever!  He is so sweet!  I luhv my life here in Westchester and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world, being here with my family, friends and my boyfriend of course.  I don’t regret going to London for those 6 months but I am glad to be back…


Massie Block


Alicia Rivera

Age: 14

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Family: Len Rivera (Father), Nadia Rivera (Mother), Celia Callas (Cousin), Isobel Callas (Cousin), Nina Callas (Cousin)

Screen Name: Holagurl

Relationships: Harris Fisher (ex-crush), ¡i (ex-brief-crush), Josh Hotz (boyfriend)

Status: Beta of the Pretty Committee, Leader of the Body Alive Dance Studio Squad

Hey, I’m Alicia Rivera.  I’m the beta of the Pretty Committee and BFFs with Massie, Dylan, Kristen and Claire.  (In case you haven’t noticed, they are the girls in the Pretty Committee)  Since Skye Hamilton left for the Alpha Academy, I have been the leader of the Body Alive Dance Studio Squad (aka. BADSS) and I absolutely heart it!  I love dancing and juicy gossip.  My fave designer is ……… well, anyone who knows anything remotely about me will know what my fave designer is.  It’s like almost all of my closet!  But for you newbies out there, it’s Ralph Lauren!!!  I love everything from Ralph!!!  It’s totes ah-mazing!!!  My signature scent is Angel.  My boyfriend Josh is the best ever!  And he loves Ralph Lauren like me!!!  Everyone knows that I have tried to create my own clique and take over the reins of the Pretty Committee.  I have always wanted to be the alpha.  But I learnt that being the alpha is hard work and I have gained a new respect to Massie’s hard work making sure everything is perfect.  Anyways I just want to say that I love the Pretty Committee and they are one of the most important things in my life.  And I will sign off with my signature…

I heart u!

Alicia Rivera


Dylan Marvil

Age: 13

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Family: Merri-Lee Marvil (Mother), Ryan Marvil (Sister), Jamie Marvil (Sister)

Screen Name: BigReadHead

Relationships: Brady Erickson (First Kiss),  Chris Plovert (ex-crush), Derrick Harrington/Derrington (boyfriend)

Status: Third in Command in the Pretty Committee

Hey girlies!  I’m Dylan Marvil, known for my flaming red hair and humorous personality!  If any of you have never heard of me (which is highly unlikely), but you might know my mom.  Merri-Lee Marvil from the Daily Grind.  I love sweets and food, even though I know I have weight issues.  I’m a size 6.  I’m recently starring in a tv show all about my family’s life, called the Marvilous Marvils.  During the last summer holiday, I was in Maui with my mom and I took tennis lessons with Svetlana Slootskiya (also know as Tennis the Menace).  Still not my best sport but, hey, at least now I know how to play.  My BF Derrick is amazing, even though there was a fight between me and Mass over him.  But it’s all over now and I’m having tons of fun with my BFFs (Massie, Alicia, Kristen and Claire).


Dylan Marvil


Kristen Gregory

Age: 13

Eyes: Aqua

Hair: Golden Blonde

Family: Marsha Gregory (Mother), Beckham (Cat)

Screen Name: SexySportsBabe

Relationships: Derrick Harrington/Derrington (ex-crush), Dune Baxter (ex-boyfriend), Dempsey Solomon (boyfriend)

Status: 4th in Command in the Pretty Committee, Leader of the OCD Sirens

Hey! Kristen here.  I am on a scholarship in OCD.  My parents are super strict about my grades (otherwise I will lose my scholarship) which is kind of hard on me sometimes.  My mom won’t let me wear what I want so I have to change in the Range Rover when Massie picks me up for school.  I am really sporty and I play on OCD’s soccer team called the Sirens.  I don’t want to brag but I think I am one of the smartest girls in the Pretty Committee.  I love crossword puzzles too. Dempsey is sooooo supportive about all of this, the schoolwork, the soccer, the Pretty Committee.  He is the best.  Anyways, see you girlies later!


Kristen Gregory


Claire Lyons

Age: 13

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Family: Judi Lyons (Mother), Jay Lyons (Father), Todd Lyons (Brother)

Screen Name: Clairebear

Relationships: Chris Abeley (ex-crush), Josh Hotz (First Kiss, one-sided-crush), Cam Fisher (boyfriend)

Status: 5th in command of the Pretty Committee,

Hey, I’m Claire.  Also known as the only new girl who got into the Pretty Committee.  I live in Massie’s guesthouse.  I starred in a movie called Dial L for Loser, but that wasn’t much of a success.  I love Keds (to the dismay of the Pretty Committee) and I don’t always know how to dress.  That is, until Massie started lending me her clothing.  I love gummy bears and any kind of gummies actually (especially if Cam gave them to me).  Cam is like the best boyfriend ever to me.  He is so sweet.  I love my new life in Westchester and I am living proof that being yourself can lead to ah-mazing friends (and an ah-mazing boyfriend).


Claire Lyons


22 thoughts on “The Pretty Committee

  1. Hola chica!
    Just to let you know, AliciaRosalindaRivera claimed Vanessa Hudgens as an fc, which means you can’t use her. Just letting you know. So please respect that and take her down. Thanks!

    xoxo, Leesh

  2. Hi Massie,
    I feel it’s so refreshing to see someone blog as the original Pretty Committee ages. I am so happy to have stumbled apon your blog, I look forward to seeing more of you on wordpress.

    -Kristen Gregory
    Ps. New post!

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