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Hey girlies,

It’s Kristen here again.  Wow, I’ve been posting a lot.  Massie and Claire just dragged me to this party, but I have to say, it was actually kind of nice…

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“Can you believe that the entire freshman year went by so fast!  We’re already in the middle of summer.” – Claire

“I know.  Remember how much trouble we had with Dempsey last year?  That was crazy.  And Kristen’s been single for a whole year now.” – Massie

“What I was saying was that we should do it.” – Massie

“Seriously? You know I was joking right?” – Claire

“I wasn’t planning on going as it clashes with my plans, but we should go.” – Massie

“Totally.” – Claire


Party Girl Starter 1

We entered Blair’s foyer when the party started.  It was pretty packed.  There were a lot of kids in her grade, but there were also a fair amount of students who are in our grade.  We were supposed to be going out to New York today but Massie and Claire dragged me into going to this party with everyone else.  Honestly, even with the amazing year as freshman at OCDHigh, and more than enough time to get over you know who, I still felt a bit out of it at parties.  It’s not that I hate them now and don’t go to them, it just isn’t one of my top things to do.

“Earth to Kris!  Come on,” Massie said as she waved a hand in front of my face.  I didn’t even realise that I had spaced out.  She tugged at my hand and lead me over to the staircase where the Belles’ were.

As we were going over there, I thought I felt someone looking at me, but when I turned to see, I couldn’t find whoever it was.  I shrugged and followed Massie and the girls.

“Massie!” Blair squealed when she saw us.  “I wasn’t sure if you all would make it.” She smiled.  The rest of the Belles all said hey as we greeted them back.  We all had a slight soft spot for them.  They were kind of like our little sisters who looked up to us.

“Well we did.” Massie laughed.  “We just came to say hi, we’ll let you get back to your hosting duties.”

We left the Belles and made our way to the dance floor.  I saw Cam and Josh at the entrance.  Claire and Leesh went over to grab them.  I sighed.  It’s not like I need a guy to be happy, it’s just that sometimes I wished I had one for times like these.


I turned around, I didn’t recognise the voice.

“Hi…” I said uneasily to the boy who was standing in front of my now.  He had dark brown hair, and angular chin, and hazel eyes.  Honestly, he was pretty cute.  He was totally muscular too, but I don’t know who he is, so I should keep my guard up.

“I’m sorry, I’m new here.  Do these parties happen very often?” he asked.

“Pretty much.  There is always an excuse for a party in Westchester.  If not holidays, then special functions, if not that, charity events.  The list goes on and on.” I smiled slightly.  I remember it was a bit hard to take in at first.  “I’m Kristen Gregory.  Do you go to Briarwood?”

“Nick Thompson.  Yeah, I do.  OCDHigh?”

“The one and only,” I smiled.

It was silent for a while, before I decided to break the ice.  “Where did you live before?”

“Actually, I lived in LA.  My dad got a job here, so we packed up and moved,” he replied.

“Cool, I’ve always wanted to go,” I told him.  He smiled.

Suddenly I realised that we were actually already dancing.  Our hands were together.  I smiled, maybe this is the start of something new.



Authors Notes

♥ New Outfit on Massie’s Mannequin

♥ New Current State of the Union

♥ Yes, it’s Nick Thompson!  From those of you who followed me when I was Fairygirl11952, one of my last posts had featured Nick Thompson as Kristen’s potential future love interest, and I told you I would bring him back when I first started this blog 🙂  I have him as Shane Harper.

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