Party Girl ♥

Hey girlies,

It’s Kristen here again.  Wow, I’ve been posting a lot.  Massie and Claire just dragged me to this party, but I have to say, it was actually kind of nice…

Previously on XOXO The Pretty Committee

“Can you believe that the entire freshman year went by so fast!  We’re already in the middle of summer.” – Claire

“I know.  Remember how much trouble we had with Dempsey last year?  That was crazy.  And Kristen’s been single for a whole year now.” – Massie

“What I was saying was that we should do it.” – Massie

“Seriously? You know I was joking right?” – Claire

“I wasn’t planning on going as it clashes with my plans, but we should go.” – Massie

“Totally.” – Claire


Party Girl Starter 1

We entered Blair’s foyer when the party started.  It was pretty packed.  There were a lot of kids in her grade, but there were also a fair amount of students who are in our grade.  We were supposed to be going out to New York today but Massie and Claire dragged me into going to this party with everyone else.  Honestly, even with the amazing year as freshman at OCDHigh, and more than enough time to get over you know who, I still felt a bit out of it at parties.  It’s not that I hate them now and don’t go to them, it just isn’t one of my top things to do.

“Earth to Kris!  Come on,” Massie said as she waved a hand in front of my face.  I didn’t even realise that I had spaced out.  She tugged at my hand and lead me over to the staircase where the Belles’ were.

As we were going over there, I thought I felt someone looking at me, but when I turned to see, I couldn’t find whoever it was.  I shrugged and followed Massie and the girls.

“Massie!” Blair squealed when she saw us.  “I wasn’t sure if you all would make it.” She smiled.  The rest of the Belles all said hey as we greeted them back.  We all had a slight soft spot for them.  They were kind of like our little sisters who looked up to us.

“Well we did.” Massie laughed.  “We just came to say hi, we’ll let you get back to your hosting duties.”

We left the Belles and made our way to the dance floor.  I saw Cam and Josh at the entrance.  Claire and Leesh went over to grab them.  I sighed.  It’s not like I need a guy to be happy, it’s just that sometimes I wished I had one for times like these.


I turned around, I didn’t recognise the voice.

“Hi…” I said uneasily to the boy who was standing in front of my now.  He had dark brown hair, and angular chin, and hazel eyes.  Honestly, he was pretty cute.  He was totally muscular too, but I don’t know who he is, so I should keep my guard up.

“I’m sorry, I’m new here.  Do these parties happen very often?” he asked.

“Pretty much.  There is always an excuse for a party in Westchester.  If not holidays, then special functions, if not that, charity events.  The list goes on and on.” I smiled slightly.  I remember it was a bit hard to take in at first.  “I’m Kristen Gregory.  Do you go to Briarwood?”

“Nick Thompson.  Yeah, I do.  OCDHigh?”

“The one and only,” I smiled.

It was silent for a while, before I decided to break the ice.  “Where did you live before?”

“Actually, I lived in LA.  My dad got a job here, so we packed up and moved,” he replied.

“Cool, I’ve always wanted to go,” I told him.  He smiled.

Suddenly I realised that we were actually already dancing.  Our hands were together.  I smiled, maybe this is the start of something new.



Authors Notes

♥ New Outfit on Massie’s Mannequin

♥ New Current State of the Union

♥ Yes, it’s Nick Thompson!  From those of you who followed me when I was Fairygirl11952, one of my last posts had featured Nick Thompson as Kristen’s potential future love interest, and I told you I would bring him back when I first started this blog 🙂  I have him as Shane Harper.

Claire Summer 2014


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You’ll Be Beggin’ On Your Knees For Me ♥

Hey girlies,

Kris here, again.  But I know you are all waiting to hear about my revenge on Dempsey and Olivia.  Like, I mean, she knew I was dating him so she is going DOWN.  So here is what you having been waiting for…

Previously on XOXO The Pretty Committee:

Maybe, maybe it isn’t him.  Maybe that’s his cousin or someone who just looks like Olivia but is actually…I don’t know, his distant relative? – Kristen

“Are you girls coming?” – Landon

“Come on Kris, let’s go.” – Massie

“What’s up with her?” – Derrington

“It’s ok, Dyl,” – Kristen

“Besides…” I continued, “I’m getting my revenge.” – Kristen


You'll Be Beggin' On Your Knees For Me Starter 1

I sat on the kitchen island with the rest of the Pretty Committee and the Belles with cups of watermelon lemonade.  I looked around the room, admiring the white cabinets and the granite counter tops.  I smiled at my friends as I took a sip of lemonade.

“Ok, so how are we going to get back at Dempsey and Duh-livia?” Massie asked as soon as everyone had settled in.

“Umm, very public breakup?” Ella Thomas asked, still a bit in awe of the infamous Queen Massie.

“Ahv-course, but what are we actually going to do?” Alicia replied, rolling her eyes.  Ella cowered back a little.

“Ok, what is Kris good at?” Claire asked herself.  “Soccer…Academics…Singing?”

“Yes!  EMG!  She could totally sing a song for Dempsey that would totally ruin him.”  Massie said happily, smirking.

“Ooooh! Do you know that Victorious episode?  The one where she was with that guy who used her to get a good grade?  You could totes sing Beggin’ On Your Knees.” Dylan giggled sheepishly after confessing her little obsession with TV shows like Victorious and iCarly.

“That is an ah-mazing idea, Dyl! Let’s do it.” I smiled mischievously.  “Wait, where?”

“Let’s throw a party for the crowning of the Belles.  That way we can have a stage and a huge audience.” Massie suggested as she started typing in her iPhone 5s with all the details to Landon Dorsey, her party planner.

“Ok, what about Olivia?” Erica Brown asked as she glanced at us all.

“Ohhh, I have the perfect plan for her.” Alicia grinned like a cheshire cat.  Leesh, what are you up to?


You'll Be Beggin' On Your Knees For Me Starter 2

I walked around the party, mingling with the other girls from OCD and the boys from Briarwood.  I spotted Dempsey talking to a few other boys in his grade.  I checked my phone and seeing as it was already 7:25, I ran backstage, at least as fast as I could in my heels.

I reached there just in time before we were all supposed to go on stage.

“Ok, I’m here,” I said panting a little.  The rest of the Pretty Committee were already there and so were Landon, Josh, Derrington and Cam.

“Are you ready?” Massie asked me, checking me over for any flaws and runaway threads.  There weren’t any.

“Totally.  Let’s go!” I smiled and then Massie went up on the stage.  We followed her up and stood in a line behind her as Landon and Cam stood at the left entrance of the stage while Derrington and Josh stood at the right entrance.

“Hi!  How’s everybody doing?” Massie shouted through the mic.  She got cheers in response.  “I think that it’s time to crown the new alpha clique of OCD so, the Belles’, come on up!”

Everyone applauded and cheered as the Belles came up on stage.  “Blair, Erica, Liana, Lauren and Ella will be your ruler in the following year, and we trust them to carry on the tradition.”  Massie said when everyone quieted down a bit.  “I know they will do an incredible job.  And now, here are your keys.”  I smiled as I faced Lauren and gave her a golden necklace with the real key to the secret room on it.  I saw from the corner of my eye that the rest of the Pretty Committee were doing the same with the rest of the Belles.

When we were all done, Massie faced the audience again.  “Now, as a celebration of this new year, there will be a special performance by someone who you all know and love, Kristen Gregory!”

I stepped forward while the others stepped back into their positions as my backup dancers.  “Before I begin, will Dempsey Solomon please come up on the stage please?” I said through the microphone.  There were a few whistles as I watched Dempsey make his way up on the stage, a grin plastered on his face.  I rolled my eyes.

When he finally made it up beside me, he hugged me.  I hugged him back to be polite but then released it very quickly.  I smiled at him, but not really at him, but about what was about to happen to him.

“This song is dedicated to my boyfriend…or let me say, my EX boyfriend.”  I grinned as a murmur ran through the crowd.

“What?” Dempsey asked me, a bewildered look on his face.

“Just listen…I think you’ll hate it!  Let’s go!”

The music starts and I begin to sing.

“You had it all, the day you told me told me you want me.  I had it all, but let you fool me fool me completely.  Yeah I was so stupid to give you all my attention, but the way you played me exposed your true intentions.  And one day, you’ll be beggin’ on your knees for me, and one day, you’ll be crawling like a centipede.  You mess with me, and mess with her, so I’ll make sure you get what you deserve.  And one day, you’ll be beggin’ on your knees for me…”

At that, Dempsey tried to leave the stage, but stopped when the bodyguards, or let’s say, the rest of the boyfriends glared at him and blocked him from leaving.  I grinned when the spotlight hit his face just to make it more apparent on what he had done.

When I finished the song, the crowd cheered!  I beamed at the crowd, and then smirked as I turned my head to face Dempsey.

“I don’t get it.  Kris? What did I do?” Dempsey asked as he pleaded at me.

“Oh please.  You know it, I know it.  Or are you really going to deny that you were never with Olivia at the top of the Empire State Building less than a week ago?”

“Look, I can explain.  Kris, just give me a minute to explain.”  He pleaded, his eyes widened by the fact that I knew.

“Just save it Dempsey.”  I turned to walk away, but stopped and swirled around to face him.  “Oh, by the way, if I wasn’t clear enough, which I think I was, or you are to slow to take the hint, we are sooooo DONE!”

I threw the bracelet he gave me at the beach at his face, aiming for his eye.  Let’s just say, I still got my aim.  I walked off the stage and ran into the group hug that was waiting for me.

“That was ah-mazing Kris.” Massie exclaimed as we squealed with delight.

“I know.”  I smiled.  “It was totally fun too!”


You'll Be Beggin' On Your Knees For Me Starter 3

I watched at the entrance as a car suddenly pulled up.  A giggly girl with blonde hair came out laughing as she saw Alicia near, chatting with Josh and a few other soccer players.

“Leesh!”  She called out.  “I can’t believe I’m so late!  I thought that it was at your house, so I went and no one was there, so I checked Dylan’s and Blair’s but still no one.  Then I realised it was here!”  I rolled my eyes at that.  Leave it to Duh-livia to forget where a party is, especially if it was thrown by the queen of the school.

“Hey Livy!” Alicia hollered motioning for her to join them.  As Duh-livia joined them, a spotlight from the stage hit her.  I froze, then began to uncontrollably laugh.  The crowd all turned and everything was silent for a while, until laughter rippled through.  Olivia’s cheeks turned red when she realised what happened.

She was wearing a silver dress which was stunning…if it was lined properly.  It looked fine normally, but once the light hits it, it was completely see through, if you know what I mean.  Alicia smirked at her as a horrified expression surfaced on Olivia’s face.


I walked over and high fived Leesh, giggling like crazy.  Olivia didn’t move, but I saw that someone had.  Massie.  She walked out and stepped in front of Olivia, hands on her hips, eyebrows raised.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Massie asked her sarcastically.

“Uhh…umm…what do you mean?” Olivia stammered in reply.

“Oh I think you do know.  So, if you have taken the hint tonight, stay away from my friends and I.  Or you’ll be sorry.” Massie said coolly.  I saw Olivia gulp.  Massie turned towards us and started to walk, when she suddenly turned back seeing that Olivia was still there.

“What are you still doing here?  Or do you want me to get a restraining order?”

Olivia ran away.  Good thing her car was still pulled up front or she would have had to wait.  I kind of felt sorry for her, but not that sorry.

Suddenly I found myself surrounded by Massie, Alicia, Dylan and Claire, my best friends.  I knew that this was going to be the start of an amazing year…


Authors Notes

♥ Two new outfits on Massie’s Mannequin


♥ I know I’m supposed to be changing characters for every post but I determine that by the content of the post and who it mainly revolves around, so bear with me using Kristen for a while.

♥ This is the end of this storyline!  Well the next one would be sort of related but not really 🙂 Haha

♥ New post on XOXOLoveNatalie

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New York, New York ♥

Hey girlies,

Kris here! I’m sure everyone is excited for summer! I know I am, hanging by the pool, beaches, malls…and possibly boys 😉 But besides from that, I hope everyone has an amazing time, now without further ado, here’s what you’ve been waiting for!

Previously on XOXO The Pretty Committee:

“Welcome to Manhattan.” – Massie

“What do we have to do?” – Blair

“Good, come on.  Let’s get the flowers.” – Kristen

“Get in a line in front of the elevator.” – Massie

“Blair, check your bouquet.” – Massie


“Hey Kris.  I’m sorry, we couldn’t reach Dempsey.  His phone was off and he wasn’t at home.  But here, we got you these.” – Cam

“What’s wrong Kris?” – Massie


New York, New York Starter 1

“What’s wrong Kris?” Massie asked worriedly.  I couldn’t speak.  I just…froze.  I stood, mouth slightly open in shock.  

I watched as the boy, or let’s just say, my boyfriend, welcome a girl in his arms.  Oh, not just any girl, but it just had to be Olivia Ryan herself.  He didn’t see me, but I saw everything.  How, he reached his strong arm out, taking her hand.  The way she giggled as he twirled her around.  How he kissed her cheek…I just stood there, not moving while the Pretty Committee watched with me.  All in shock.

I felt something warm on my cheek.  I unfroze just then, but only enough for my hand to touch my cheek and for my eyes to look down.  Tears.  I hadn’t even realised I had been crying until I saw how blurry everything looked.

Doubt and denial started rushing through my head, giving me a bit of a headache.  Maybe, maybe it isn’t him.  Maybe that’s his cousin or someone who just looks like Olivia but is actually…I don’t know, his distant relative?  Maybe I just pictured it because I missed him and I am picturing the worst.

I raised my hand to wipe the tears from my eyes so I could see clearer.  No.  There is no doubt.  That was Dempsey and Olivia.

“Are you girls coming?”

Massie turned around to hear Landon in the elevator.  Not realising that the others were still here.  They didn’t see what we were all looking at.

“Uhh….yeah.” Massie called back.  She took hold of my shoulders and gently turned me around to face her.  She took a tissue and quickly wiped my face.  “Come on Kris, let’s go.”

I let her guide me to the elevator.  I turned my head one last time before the elevator door closed, and watched as my love life came tumbling down…


New York, New York Starter 2

I stared at my salad in front of me, my head down, as I picked at it with my fork.  The barely heard the chatter around me as we sat at a long table for twenty.  All I could think about was what had happened less than half and hour ago.  I recalled every single detail.  How he looked, how she looked.  How they both looked as they saw each other.

“What’s up with her?” Derrington asked Dylan when he noticed how quiet I had been the entire time.

“Oh uhh…” She quickly looked at me before turning back to him.  “Umm, I don’t know if I should -“

“It’s ok, Dyl,” I finally spoke.  “Everyone can know, I’m not going to hide this.  I’ll get over it.”

Suddenly, I felt hot.  I saw how he looked at Olivia, as if I never existed.  I felt the anger start to prickle in my entire body.  Fury burned my eyes as I suddenly realised what he had actually done to me.  He had cheated on me, and he is soooo NOT getting away with this.

“Besides…” I continued, “I’m getting my revenge.”


Authors Notes:

♥ New Current State of the Union

♥ New Blogger on WordPress, give KissesWithKristen a big welcome!

♥ New Post on XOXOLoveNatalie

♥ The next post will be the last of this story line although the next would be somewhat connected to this.  I’m sorry that it took so long (OMG almost a year!) to finish just this one story line.  I would promise it would get better, if I didn’t have to work on a project all summer!  But I’ll try my best!

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The Big Apple ♥

Hey girlies,

I’m back!  How is everyone? I think that you all have a pretty good idea of where this post takes place with the title of the post and the song title by Bridgit Mendler.  That’s right, Manhattan, New York.  “City Lights” by Bridgit Mendler seems like the perfect song for this post, so it’s there for you to listen to.

Blogger behind the laptop: Before I begin, I have made some changes.  I will be posting as 1st person from now on, from the perspective of any of the members of the Pretty Committee.  I thought that it was time for a change.  I will be alternating from each character depending on the plot.  Also, instead of ending with XOXO The Pretty Committee, it will end with XOXO and then one of the characters’ name.  The last thing that is changing, is now, the Pretty Committee aren’t afraid of wearing clothing that isn’t designer.  Hope you like it!  Oh, and BTW, this post is written in Kristen’s perspective.

Previously on XOXO The Pretty Committee

“Here’s the fourth envelop.  Good luck.” – Massie

“That’s it? No instructions?” – Erica

“If I guessed correctly, this should be the place.” – Blair

“Good job Erica!” – Blair

“Yes, good job girls.” – Massie


The Big Apple Starter 1


I stood in front of the Met Steps with the rest of the Pretty Committee, fiddling with the bracelet that Dempsey gave me as we all waited for the Belles to arrive.  Today would be the final day, I thought as we saw a black car approaching.  It was funny to imaging how much trouble we had to go through just to get the key to the boiler room, or the secret room.  I grinned to myself as I watched Blair get out of the car with her heels and everything.  I looked down at my own pair of Louboutins and my outfit which got the Pretty Committee’s approval of a 9.

Massie stepped forward as did Blair.  They faced one another.  “Welcome to Manhattan.”  Massie said smirking as she watched the Belles look around them.  Though they tried to hide it, it was so obvious that they were totally in awe of the place.  I know I was when it was my first trip.

Massie let them wander their eyes for a while before saying “Ok, we have a lot of things to get through so let’s get started.”

“What do we have to do?” Blair immediately asked, determination in her eyes.  I smirked at them.

“Well, as alpha of OCD, you need to be able to get around the city.  After all, you will be visiting here quite often with parties, photoshoots, fashion week and so on.  So, this final test with see how fast you can get a hang of life in New York.” Massie stated.  “Here is your list of places and things you have to do in each place.  Take a photo on your phone as proof that you’ve been there.  Good luck!  We’ll meet you at the final destination.”  With that, she turned around and motioned to use to follow her as she walked off to the direction of the car.

Once we were inside, Massie turned to us.  “Girls, we should follow them just in case.”  She turned to Isaac.  “Follow those girls please.”


The Big Apple Starter 2

We watched as the Belles read the list we gave them:

Places to Go

We watched as they bought a cup of coffee from a local coffee shop and sat at the Met steps, taking selfies with their coffees raised.  I laughed seeing their funny faces.

We followed them from the Empire to Tiffany’s to Central Park to Barneys, Bendels and we were waiting for them outside of Bergdorfs when Massie got a text.

Alex: We’ll be in the UES in 5.  Where do we meet?

“The guys are here.  We need to go meet them.  I think the Belles will be fine on their own.

Massie: Meet us in Central Park.  5th and 72nd.


The Big Apple Starter 3

“Hey boys.” Massie said as Alex, James, Kyle, Luke and Cory approached us.  We each gave them a quick hug and started to walk around the park, relaxed and laughing as we chatted for a while.

“What did you need us to do?” Alex asked us as we stopped at a park bench and sat down.

“Buy your girlfriend’s favorite flowers.  We are giving them the tour of Manhattan and the Upper East Side.  We have to give them the Blair and Chuck meeting at the top of the Empire State Building.” Massie replied.  I smiled.  We all have a Gossip Girl obsession even if the series ended.  I may have a boyfriend, but I still lust over Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass.

The boys laughed.  “Uhh, is there a florist around?” James asked.  “I know that Erica’s are laurels.”

“Blair’s are hydrangeas.” Alex said.

“Ella loves camellias.”

“Lauren’s are gardenias.”

“And Liana’s are yellow poppies.”

“Good, come on.  Let’s get the flowers.” I told them and we walked off.


The Big Apple Starter 4

We arrived at the Empire State Building, spotting couples holding hands, looking at the view.  I smiled and looked down at my bracelet, remembering the time when I first came up here with Dempsey.  We had sent Isaac to continue to follow the Belles.  Isaac just texted to Massie that they were on their way to the Empire State Building.  Good thing we were here already.

“Okay boys.  Get in a line in front of the elevator.  It’s show time.” Massie smirked as we waited for the elevator doors to open, letting out the Belles.

A few minutes later, the Belles stepped off.  I held back a laugh as their eyes widened, seeing their boyfriends in a row with bouquets of flowers.  It was a bit cheesy, but hey, it’s New York.

They ran excitedly to their boyfriends who handed them their bouquets and hugged them.  Massie stepped forward.

“Hey girls, had fun?”

“Def.  New York is so amazing!” Blair said grinning happily with Alex’s arm snaked around her waist.  He kissed the top of her head.

“Good.  Blair, check your bouquet.” Massie said as Blair inspected the flowers in her arms.  In the middle of a hydrangea was a gold key.

“Your final key for the secret room.  We’ll take you there when we get back.” Massie smiled.  We congratulated and chatted with the Belles for a while when suddenly…


I jumped a bit as Massie whirled around.  My mouth dropped when we saw none other than Landon, Josh, Derrington and Cam.  All holding our favorite bouquets.  Amaryllis for Leesh, tiger lilies for Dyl, carnations for Claire, hibiscuses for me and of course, peonies for Massie.  Cam was holding two, the carnations and the hibiscuses, but where was Dempsey.  I frowned slightly as the rest of the Pretty Committee greeted their boyfriends with hugs and quick pecks.

Cam came towards me and gave me a hug. “Hey Kris.  I’m sorry, we couldn’t reach Dempsey.  His phone was off and he wasn’t at home.  But here, we got you these.”

I gave him a weary smile.  “Thanks Cam.”

“Okay, I have reservations at Butter for a celebratory dinner.  Come on!  Let’s go!” Massie encouraged.  They laughed and chatted as they walked towards the elevator.

I sighed and took a look around. The view really was amazing.  I was disappointed he wasn’t here, but it must have been something important if the guy’s couldn’t reach him.  I took in a last glance around, seeing the skyline of Manhattan.  I turned and was just about to walk to the elevator myself when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

I gasped, frozen in place.  My heart was beating fast and I could barely breath.  I couldn’t move.  I just watched.

I saw Massie and the girls come over as soon as they realised I wasn’t with them.

“What’s wrong Kris?” Massie asked worriedly.  I didn’t say a thing.

The followed my gaze and gasped, just like I did.

For standing in front of my with a familiar blonde girl, was a unmistakable mop of blonde hair with caramel highlights…


Author’s Notes:

♥ New makeover, hope you like it.

♥ New Current State of the Union

♥ New outfits in Massie’s Mannequin

♥ New post on XOXO Love Natalie!  Please check it out!

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Beach Babe ♥

Hey girlies,

Wow has it really been over like 2 months? I have been so busy.  It’s crazy.  I can’t believe it’s March already.  I have been in a warmer mood so I decided to put up the spring makeover!  So here is the post:

Previously on XOXO The Pretty Committee

“From the start, or to the end, depends on how you see it…” – Lauren

“No.  We started at the entrance and that’s where we will finish.” – Blair

“EMG!!!” The fountain.” – Blair

“There!” – Ella

“Congrats, girls.  Now you better get home and take a rest.  Tomorrow’s a big day, almost as tiring as this one.” – Massie


Beach Babe Starter 1

The Belles stood there on the warm golden sand of the beach.  One hand carrying their bags for the day and the other either wrapped around their boyfriend’s waist or fingers intertwined with their hands.  The Belles wore a variety of tanks and shorts with leather sandals.  Perfect for a day on the beach.  They searched their surroundings, trying to figure out where the Pretty Committee was.

“There!” Ella exclaimed as they finally found Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen and Claire seated on beach towels doing various things including watching their boyfriends play with a plastic beach ball.  Massie looked up as the Belles approached.  She stood and so did the rest of the girls and waited until the Belles were right in front of them.

“Hey girls.” Massie said as Landon stopped playing and stood next to Massie.  He put his arm around her shoulders.  Massie smiled.

“Hey!” The Belles chorused themselves.  Blair smiled at Alex.

“Are you ready for your next challenge?” Massie asked as she stared at the Belles, smirking a little.

“Totes!” Liana exclaimed happily, practically hopping up and down with excitement and anticipation.

“Claire?” Massie gestured her hand towards Claire.  Claire was digging through her Kate Spade tote bag until she found what she was looking for.  She pulled out a polaroid camera and three packs of films.  She handed them to Massie, who then gave them to Blair.  “You will need this.”

Blair put the packs of film in her bag but kept the polaroid in her hands.  “What are we going to do?”

“Your challenge will be to go around the beach and find ‘hidden’ letters.” Massie said, putting air quotes around ‘hidden’.  “For example take my bracelet for example.  It is just a bracelet, but it can also look like the letter ‘O’.  You have to find nine different items.  Three Bs, two As, one H, one C and two Es.”  Massie said.  “Once you find them, unscramble the letters to two words.  If you figure it out, you will get the clue to the key.  Meet us back here when you are done.”  Massie looked at them and saw the gleam of adrenaline start appear on their faces.



Beach Babe Starter 2

“Where should we start?” Lauren asked as the Pretty Committee resumed whatever they were doing before.  She scanned the surroundings of the beach looking for any ‘hidden letters’ from where they were standing.

“I guess all we can do really is to go around the beach and keep our eyes open for the letters.” Blair replied and shrugged her shoulders.  She pulled out a pair of sunglasses from her beach bag and placed it on her eyes.  “Come on.  Let’s go.”

The Belles walked along the broadwalk of the beach, inbetween the stands that sold food and sandcastle equipment, and the surfboards/canoes rental shops that scattered all along the long strip of the beach, and the golden sand where many people were building sandcastles, sunbathing or chatting with friends and family.

“Look…” Erica said as she pointed towards a group of young girls building something using buckets and shovels.  “Isn’t that Alison, your cousin?” Erica turned towards Ella.  Ella nodded and gave a shout towards the girls.  Alison turned her head and waved at the Belles, beckoning them to come over.

“Hey Ali,” Ella said as they approached them.  She smiled at the friends that Alison was with.  “Hey Alex, Alyssa.”

“Hi!” They all chorused.  Alison stayed to chat while Alex and Alyssa continued to work on whatever they were building.

After a while, Blair smiled and asked, “What are you building?”

“An A!” Alison grinned as she put the final touches on the huge ‘A’ shape that the Belles could now see, after having it pointed out.  Blair smiled and looked at the rest of the girls.

“Do you mind if we take a picture of it?” Blair asked Alison.  Alison shook her head and smiled.

“Go ahead.”


Beach Babe Starter 3

The Belles left Alison and her friends when they finally finished building their ‘A’ structure, Blair quickly took a polaroid picture and slipped it neatly into the pocket of her bag.  The Belles had continued to walk down the promenade when suddenly, Alex gave a shout.

“Pete! Sam!” Alex yelled towards two guys, the same age, who went to Briarwood with the guys.  Pete and Sam where skateboarding at the new ramp that was built just last month.  Alex ran towards them.  “Hey guys!” Alex said as he gave them both a fist bump.  Erica stopped short and stared at the ramp.

“Blair?” Erica whispered as she grabbed Blair’s elbow sharply.

“Ow! What?” Blair said annoyed while she rubbed her elbow with her other hand.

“C!” Erica grinned.  Blair saw it at once.  When you turned the skateboarding ramp sideways, it looked exactly like the letter ‘C’.  Blair grinned back and took out the polaroid.  She snapped a picture of the skateboard ramp and placed it with the other polaroid.

“We should really make a list.  Let’s see.  We found one A and one C.  That leaves three Bs, one more A, one H, and two Es.” Blair announced as she typed that into her phone.  “Come on, we have to go if we want to finish in time.”

The boys said goodbye and they left.  They headed towards the centre of the beach.  There were more people here who wanted to swim, play and surf, so there was a lifeguard’s chair there.  “Wait a sec.  The surfboards and lifeguard’s chair looks kind of like…” Ella began to say, and then looked at the others.

“E and A!” The Belles shouted and ran towards them.  First, they reached the lifeguard’s chair and snapped a photo of the side, where the two long legs and a horizontal support system looked liked the letter ‘A’.  Then they went to where three surfboards were standing up in the sand, and one was laying against the three.  Sideways, it looked like the letter ‘E’.  Blair quickly snapped the photo and placed both the polaroids into her tote bag.

“Come on! We still have five other letters to find!”


Beach Babe Starter 4

The Belles have walked up and down the boardwalk of the beach several times already.  They most of the letters; two life preservers as a B, a B written in the sand, driftwood arranged as an H and a balloon seller with lettered balloons for an E, after stopping to eat and drink something of course.  All that was missing was the final letter, ‘B’.

“I seriously don’t see anything that looks like a ‘B’ anymore.” Ella said as she looked down the beach for the tenth time.  They have been looking for a while now and they just could not find it.

“Ok let’s stop and think.” Blair said.  She stared at the clear blue water that connects with the soft golden sand.  Suddenly, Lauren gasped as her eyes widened, and then started to laugh, uncontrollably.

“What’s up?” Liana asked as she started to giggle over Lauren.

“We are sooooooo stupid!” Lauren barely said before she started laughing again.

“Lauren, calm down.  What’s up?” Blair said soothingly as Lauren started to take in huge breaths, trying to control herself.

“I found the last letter.” Lauren smiled and pointed at Blair’s hair.

Blair had taken her sunglasses and placed them on her hair after a few clouds had appeared and it wasn’t too bright anymore.

“My sunglasses? OMG!” Blair finally realised what Lauren was trying to say.  The last letter had been under their noses, or on top of their heads for the entire time.  Blair placed her sunglasses in the sand and snapped a photo with the polaroid.  “The final letter.” She said as she tilted the photo sideways, making the sunglasses look like the letter “B”.


Beach Babe Starter 5

“Ok let’s see…” Blair said as they stood next to one of the picnic tables that was used for people to eat from.  She took all the Polaroid images out of her bag and spread them out on the table.  “What would this spell?  Remember, it has to be two words.”

They stared at the photographs for a while, trying out different combinations in their heads.  “Well, we have to be on the beach for a reason right? So it probably has something to do with the beach.” Erica said.

“Right!  And you can spell beach too,” Ella said.  “We still have bbea.”  Then she got it.



Beach Babe Starter 6

“Nice work, girls.” Massie said when the Belles returned with the letters in the proper order.  By now, the sun had set a little in the sky, and it wasn’t so bright.  “Beach Babe was correct.”

“Yes!” Ella squealed then covered her mouth as Massie just smiled.

“Before we give you the clue, let’s just relax and enjoy the sun and the beach for now.  You will have plenty of time to find the key later on.” Massie sat down on the vast amounts of Tommy Hilfiger towels that were set on the sand so they wouldn’t get their clothes dusty.  She took out some food from a duffle bag.

The rest of the Belles sat down.  They ate, talked, laughed, gossiped, danced, sang, relaxed…

“Come here,” Dempsey said in a whisper in Kristen’s ear as he pulled her over to a quieter spot on the beach.  The sun was now lower in the sky and was now streaked with orange and pink.

“What’s up?” Kristen asked slightly confused a little bit worried.  Dempsey took her hand with his own right hand, and pulled out a box from his jacket with his left.  It was a small Tiffany box, completed with the white bow.

Kristen eyed him, then slowly unraveled the ribbon and opened the box.  Inside was a silver chain bracelet, with a heart tag which was engraved with K&D.  She was silent for a moment.  Then without a word, she kissed him.


Hoped you liked this post.  The next one will be up as soon as possible.

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XOXO The Pretty Committee Spring 2014


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Ready…Set…Go! ♥

Hey girlies,

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!  SOOOO sorry about the late post.  School is kicking my butt.  As it is already Christmas, how time flies, here are my favourite Christmas songs:

I just love Christmas, the decorations, the hot peppermint cocoa, spending time with family… it’s one of the best feelings in the world.  But I know you are all want to actually read the story (though it does take place during summer…oops ;)) so here goes…

Previously on XOXO The Pretty Committee

“We’ll be waiting down here.” – Massie

“All I see are flower petals.” – Liana

“My walk-in closet.” – Blair

“Well probably has to do with the masquerade ball right?” – Blair

“Search this room!” – Blair

“Yay! You found it!” – Lauren


Ready…Set…Go Starter 1

The Pretty Committee gathered at the Westchester Mall front entrance.  Massie stood their waiting for them all to get there.   She was wearing a black Dolce & Gabbana bow top with a lace Valentino skirt.  Ivanka Trump pumps were on her feet which were perfect with her classic black Chanel bag.  A silver charm bracelet and headband finished it off.

The Pretty Committee reached the entrance a few minutes later.  They stood in front of their alpha smiling brightly.  “Is everything ready to go?” Massie asked mischievously.

“Done, done and done.” The Pretty Committee all replied, a gleam in their eyes.


Ready…Set…Go Starter 2

The Belles’ all lay on Blair queen sized bed reading the newest issue of Seventeen when Blair got a text.  She grabbed her phone from her bedside table and checked the text:

Massie: Hey girlies.  The new challenge is ready.  Meet us @ the front entrance of the mall.  Oh and btw, wear comfy shoes.

Blair finished ready and quickly sent a reply.

Blair: b there in 10

“Ok, girls!” She clapped her hands as the Belles’ put their attention on her.  “Massie just texted me.  We’re meeting them at the mall in 10.  Come on!” Blair said as she jumped off of her bed and started to get ready.


Ready…Set…Go Starter 3

The Pretty Committee stood at the entrance as the Belles stepped out of the car.  They stood waiting as the Belles approached them.  Claire couldn’t help but smirk as she realised what shoes they were wearing.  The Belles looked fabulous in their tall pumps and sandals, but for running around in the mall picking up heavy shopping bags, not so much.

“Hey, Massie.” Blair said when the Belles all stood in front of the Pretty Committee.  Massie smirked.

“Ready for your next challenge?” Massie simply said, still smiling, a gleam in her amber eyes.

“Totes!” Liana said excitedly.

“Here is a tasks list, and a map of the mall.  You must complete all of these items in two hours and meet us in Starbucks.” Massie said as Claire handed Blair a long list and Alicia handed Lauren a heavily marked map.  “Your time starts…NOW!”

The Belles rushed into the mall.  “Come on girls, let’s go.” Massie said and led the rest of the Pretty Committee into the cozy Starbucks at the other side of the mall.


Ready…Set…Go Starter 4

Time Remaining:  1:59:12

“Okay girls, we should first read the list so we know what we actually have to do.” Blair said as she held out the list in front of her:


“You have got to be kidding me.” Liana said as she stared at the map.  “These stores are all at opposite ends of the mall!”

“How are we going to carry all this?!” Ella exclaimed in horror of all of the bags they would need.

“Simple.  First thing.  Starbucks is at the very end of the mall and we are meeting the Pretty Committee there, so we can do that last.  We can start from this end and go to the other side.  Secondly, we have to call in the guys.  It’s the only way.” Blair instructed already dialling their boyfriends’ number.   She quickly told each of them to get to the mall.  “Meanwhile the closest store is BCBG, so lets go there first.”


Time Remaining: 1:38:56

By the time the boys arrived, they were already at Ralph Lauren after collected the dresses and buying the jeans.  They were just purchasing the blazers when the guys walked in.

“Hey babe.” Alex greeted Blair at the lounging area where the Belles’ were waiting for the bill.  James, Kyle, Luke and Cory stood behind him.  “What was so important that we needed to come right away?”

“We’re in the middle of a challenge and we really need you guys to help us carry these bags, there is no way we can do it ourselves.  Just from three stores, they already had eight bags.  We still have to go to eight different places and we only have an hour and a half left.  Please…” Blair batted her eyelashes.

“Fine.  Come on.  What’s the next store?”


Time remaining: 0:57:38

The Belles had already gone to the tailors, Maybelline and the dry-cleaners after Ralph Lauren.  They were running to Louboutin when Erica suddenly stopped running.  “My feet are killing me!” she complained.

“Well to be fair, Massie did warn us to wear comfortable shoes.  But we ankles are like swelling up.” Lauren said.

“I know!  We’ll just do this barefoot.” Blair said and ripped her shoes off her aching feet and dumped it into one of the shopping bags.  The other girls did the same and continued to run down the hall.


Time Remaining: 0:04:08

The Belles ran into the Starbucks in the Westchester mall and quickly ordered the hot chocolates, their boyfriends following them.  They stood in front of the centre table where the Pretty Committee and their boyfriends sat, with a minute to spare.

“Thanks.” Landon said as the boys reached for their hot chocolates.  “We’ve been waiting for those.”

“I’m impressed.  Also with a minute to spare.” Massie smiled, sitting with her legs crossed and her back straight.  “You know what this means…Kris?”

Of course the Belles knew exactly what was coming up.  The white envelop.  And sure enough, Kristen handed Blair a white envelop…


Merry Christmas everyone!

You know you love us,

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Fact or Fiction ♥

Hey girlies,

So about the song…it’s not something that I particularly like, but it is a clue to this post.  So that’s why it’s there.  For those of you who don’t know about Veronica, she is a Canadian singer from Toronto, her first single was Incompatible (  Her second was Busted which is the song up there ↑

Previously on XOXO The Pretty Committee:

“Do you think that it’s a joke?” – Erica

“Get ready, cause your first challenge is about to begin.” – Massie (email)

“Eh! Ma! Gawd!  I can’t believe it!” – Blair

“We know you saw the rumor.” – Blair

“We did well didn’t we?” – Alex

“So we’re done right?  The rumor is gone?” – Lauren

“Here.” – Alicia


Fact or Fiction Starter 1

“Should we open it now?” Lauren White asked as she applied a coat of lip gloss in front of Blair’s vanity table mirror.  She was talking about the envelope that Alicia gave them of course.  Erica had the envelope in her hands, fingering it delicately.  The Belles’ were all chilling in Blair’s bedroom after eating breakfast.

“I don’t see why not.” Blair said as she stood up from her chair behind her desk.”Erica, pass it to me.”

Erica passed the envelope to her.  The Belles’ all gathered around Blair as she opened the white envelope.

Clue #1

“Ok so to get the first key, we have to figure out the riddle right?” Liana asked.  Blair nodded.

“We should figure it out line by line.  It would be easier that way.” Blair said and then she read “Go to the place where facts differ from fiction.” She thought for a moment.  Then she asked “Any ideas girls?”

“What is the first thing you think about when you hear the words fact and fiction.” Erica asked, trying to help with the thinking process.

“Books.” Ella said.

“And where would you find a place with books?” Erica continued.

“EMG!  The library!” Ella exclaimed!

“You are totes right Ella.  Let’s check out the Westchester Library.”  Blair said as she started to gather her things into her bag.


Fact or Fiction Starter 2

The Belles’ arrived at the library and went to the librarian’s desk.  Blair was wearing a brown lace top with Rag & Bone white jeans, Jimmy Choo heels and a Vanessa Bruno tote bag.  “Hi, this library has a fiction and a non-ficton section right? Blair asked the librarian.

“Yes that is correct.  Fiction to your left, non-fiction to your right.” The librarian replied.

“Thanks.” Blair said and the Belles’ moved to the resting area for people who wanted to read.  There were a few girls sitting at the computers that they had in the library as well.  They sat down at one of the wooden round tables.  “Okay, so let’s figure out the second line.”  Blair said.  “Find the item that is out of place.  What could be out of place in the library?”

“It’s probably a book out of place.” Erica said.  “I mean, it is a library after all.”

“Yeah!  Like maybe it’s under the wrong alphabet?” Liana asked.

“Or… the wrong side!  A fictional book in the non fiction section or the other way around!” Ella suddenly exclaimed.

“EMG!!! That’s it!  Come on girls!  Divide and conquer.  3 on fiction since there are more and the other 2 on non fiction.  Erica, Liana, and Ella on fiction, I’ll go with Lauren to non-fiction.” Blair directed and they split up.

They all went up and down aisles and aisles of bookshelves, searching every single book, around every corner, looking for the one that is out of place.  “EMG! I found it!”

All of the Belles’ rushed to Lauren’s side as she held up a book.  “‘Lock and Key’ by Sarah Dessen.  It was in the non-fiction section, but I know for sure that it is fictional.”  Lauren said.  “Plus, ‘Lock and Key’ sounds like a reasonable name if we are looking for a key.”  The Belles’ started squealing with excitement.  Suddenly one of the girls who was at the computers peeked around a bookshelf and disappeared in a flash.

“What was that about?  She looked kind of familiar.” Erica asked.

“Whatevs, we found the book!”  Blair squealed.  “Erica, read me the last two lines.”

“Add your ages and enter the numbers, the key will be in your grace.” Erica read from the piece of card that they got in the envelope that Alicia gave them.

“Well, Blair, Erica and Liana are all 13, Lauren and I are 12, so that is 63.”  Ella did the math.

“So now we have to ‘enter the number’.” Lauren said.  “What does that mean?  We can’t enter a number.”

“It probably means we have to turn to page 63.” Blair said and turned to page 63.  And she was right.  In-between page 62 and 63, was a gold key.

“EMG!  We found one!” Blair squealed and held up the key.  The Belles’ all squealed with delight.  “This was Alicia’s challenge right? I remember the order, so that means this key has to go around Erica’s necklace.” Blair said and gave the key to Erica.

“Congrats, girls.”

The Belles’ turned around.  They saw the Pretty Committee walking towards them.  “EMG!  You were the girl who peeked at us!  I new you looked familiar, Claire.” Erica smiled.

“We wanted to see if you could find the key.” Claire replied, beaming.

“And I’m glad that you remembered that each key had to go around the neck of a specific girl.” Dylan said.

“Now that you found the first key, you can start on the second.  We’ll contact you later.”  Massie winked at Blair and the Pretty Committee left the library.  The Belles’ stared after them.


And that is how the Belles’ found their first key.

Blair’s outfit is on Massie’s Mannequin page and The Current State of the Union page has been updated.

Please check them out!

But before we sign off, anyone watch the VMAs?  Best Song Ever won Best Song of the Summer (duh, it’s the best song ever ;)), Selena won Best Pop Video, Taylor Swift won Best Female Video, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won Best Cinematography!  And Justin Timberlake’s performance was ah-mazing!!!

Well, that’s it for this post!

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And The Challenge Begins ♥

Hey girlies,

Heard It On The Radio is such a summer song, and we thought it would be a nice song to play 🙂  Can you believe it’s already August!  This is crazy!  Summer has been ah-mazing!  Did you watch Teen Beach Movie?  Some people are saying that it is really bad.  But I, on the other hand, think that is great!  It’s kind of like the next High School Musical.  And I totes heart the 60s inspired theme (big fan of Grease).  Anyways, back to the post!

 Previously on XOXO The Pretty Committee:

“We have to continue the legacy and pass down the key to the secret room to the new alpha group of the 8th grade.” – Massie

“The current alpha of the 7th grade is Blair Evans…” – Alicia

“We will each create a mini challenge for them, just to make sure they are alpha material.” – Massie

“Eh…………….Ma………………GAWD!!!” – Blair

“What do you think she wants?” – Lauren

“I guess we’ll just have to go.” – Blair


And The Challenge Begins Starter 1

Massie Block stood in the middle of Octavian Country Day’s front lawn, along with the rest of the Pretty Committee.  The freshly cut green grass tickled her toes.  She was wearing a seafoam green Alice + Olivia top and Rag & Bone white jeans, paired with white and gold Guess sandals and a gold Michael Kors clutch.  Her signature perfume, Chanel no. 19 wafted through the air and her turquoise bracelet and signature charm bracelet dangled from her wrist.

Alicia Rivera was standing on Massie’s right, while Dylan Marvil was standing on Massie’s left.  Claire Lyons stood beside Dylan and Kristen Gregory stood beside Alicia.  They stopped talking when a black Cayenne S stopped at the front gates into the school.  Five girls climbed out and walked towards the Pretty Committee.

Blair Evans, naturally, in the front and middle of the group.  She had dark brown luxurious waves and fair skin, her dark brown eyes glimmered with determination.  Erica Brown walked beside her.  Her natural light brown beachy waves fell over her shoulders.  Liana Scott was on Blair’s other side.  Her dark blonde hair bounced over her shoulders as she walked.  Lauren White was beside Erica.  Her thick chocolate brown curls cascaded down.  And last but not lease, Ella Thomas.  Her straight honey blonde hair made her look the most innocent.

“Hey Massie.” Blair said as she reached the Pretty Committee at the middle of the lawn.  “You wanted to see us?”

“Yes, I did.” Massie replied, looking at the girl from head to toe.  Blair looked a lot like Massie, but a bit nicer and innocent.  “Do you know what time of year it is?” Massie continued and looked at the rest of the Belles’.

“Summer?” Liana asked, clearly confused.  Massie rolled her eyes.

“It is the time for passing down the keys to the secret room.”  Massie said.

“Eh……Ma……Gawd!!!”  All the Belles’ squealed in unison.

“We finally get the key to the secret room!”  Lauren grinned.

“I have been waiting for this moment like…forever!” Erica shrieked.

“Where’s the key?” Blair said suddenly.  She had forgotten that the Pretty Committee hadn’t actually given it to them yet.

Massie looked at the rest of the Pretty Committee.  She knew never to look so desperate in front of a higher alpha.  “Did you really think that it is that easy?” Massie raised her eyebrows.

“We had to work for our keys, so you do too.” Alicia said.

“What do you mean ‘work’ exactly?” Ella asked, making air quotes around the word ‘work’.

“You will be put through 5 challenges.  Each testing a different skill, something an alpha needs to be able to do, or control.  Gossip, parties, speed, friendship and power.”  Massie said.  “After you complete each challenge, you will have to find us and we will give you a clue as to where one of the keys are.”

“Wait… hold on a sec.  One of the keys?  You mean, there are more than one?” Liana’s eyes widened.

“You will get one key after each challenge.  As there are five of you, there are five challenges.  Claire? Pass me the bag.”  Massie turned towards Claire.  She passed a lavender bag to Massie.  Massie pulled out five gold plain necklaces.  She held them up.  “Each of you will get one of these necklaces.  Whenever you find a key, attach it to one of these necklaces.  However, there is a catch.”  Massie paused.  “We are going to each be paired up.  Alicia and Erica, Dylan and Liana, Kristen and Lauren, Claire and Ella, and ahv-course, me and Blair.  When you find the key in a challenge, the key must be placed on the necklace of the girl paired up with the Pretty Committee member who created the challenge.  For example, if it was Leesh’s challenge, the key must be placed on Erica’s necklace.  Understood?” Massie asked the five girls.  They nodded.

“Good.”  Massie passed a necklace to each member of the Pretty Committee and then they all walked towards their Belle pair.  They clasped the necklace around each of the Belles’ neck and resumed their positions from the start.

Massie clapped her hands for attention.  “Okay, so here is the order the challenges will go in.  First, it’s Leesh, then Dyl, then Kris, then Kuh-laire and finally me.  Remember this because I will not repeat it after today.  Leesh, Dyl, Kris, Kuh-laire, then me.”

“Got it.” Blair said.

“Great.  You girls can go now, you will hear from us soon on the first challenge but now your challenge to obtain the keys will officially………begin!  Good luck girls!”  Massie ordered, and with that, she turned away and left the school grounds with the rest of the Pretty Committee.


Next post will be on the first challenge for the Belles’!

Try out the challenge yourself on our Challenge page!

Massie’s outfit is on Massie’s Mannequin!

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The Beginning of a New Alpha… ♥

Hey girlies,

Before I tell you what happened today, we just want to let you know that BEST SONG EVER IS OUT!!!  (BTW, they also broke the record in VEVO for the most views in 24 hours!  10.9 million!)  I just love Leeroy!  Totes hilars!  “Cute as a button, every single one of you!” (oh, Marcel ;))


The Beginning of a New Alpha Starter 1

“Okay girls, let’s get started.”  Massie instructed everyone.  She was wearing a white Vanessa Bruno tank top,  J Brand coral skinnies, gold Badgley Mischka heeled sandals, topped with gold accessories and her signature gold charm bracelet.  She was sitting in her chair behind her desk, while the rest of the Pretty Committee were scattered all over her bedroom.  “This is important.  We have to continue the legacy and pass down the key to the secret room to the new alpha group of the 8th grade.” She continued, while she stood up and began pacing.  “It’s better to do it before school starts because that’s when we have to get the key to the 9th grade secret room.”

“How do you know there is a 9th grade secret room?” Claire asked as she looked up.  She was sprawled on Massie’s white fluffy rug, playing with Bean, Massie’s black pug.

“Puh-lease, Kuh-laire.  There has always been a secret room starting from 8th.  It’s an OCD tradition.” Massie answered, annoyed with the interruption.  “Leesh, do you have the names of the group?”

“Ahv-course I do.” Alicia Rivera said as she stood up from the stool of Massie’s vanity dresser.  “The current alpha of the 7th grade is Blair Evans.  Her clique is called the Belles’ for Blair, Erica Brown, the beta, Liana Scott, the delta, Lauren White, the gamma and Ella Thomas, the omega.”  She said triumphantly.

“Great.  We can each pair up.  Leesh, give me Blair’s number and I’ll set up a meeting outside of OCD.  We have to work out the challenges too.” Massie directed.  “We will each create a mini challenge for them, just to make sure they are alpha material.”  She said.  “Okay, so let’s do this……”


The Beginning of a New Alpha Starter 2

“Thanks.” Blair Evans said as she picked up her Iced Caramel Frappiccino and walked towards the middle table.  The rest of the Belles’ followed her lead.  Just as they sat down, Blair’s phone lit up, indicating she had a text.

“Who’s it from?” Liana Scott asked her alpha as she took a sip from her Iced Green Tea Latte.

“Eh…………….Ma………………GAWD!!!” Blair squealed as she looked up from her phone.

“What is it?” Ella asked, taking a bite from her blueberry scone.

“It’s Massie.” Blair answered.

“NO WAY!” Erica shrieked as they all rushed over and crowded Blair, trying to look at her phone.

Massie: Hey Blair, meet us outside at OCD’s lawn this Sunday at 2:30, and bring the rest of the Belles’.  We have something u want.

“What do you think she wants?” Lauren White asked the rest of the group.

“Let’s find out.” Blair said and typed:

Blair: And what might that be?

A reply came.

Massie: Come and find out.

“I guess we’ll just have to go.” Blair said as she put her phone down and took another sip…


See what happens on Saturday!

Massie’s outfit is on Massie’s Mannequin page!

The Current State of the Union page has been updated too.

Seems like there has been some confusion on “The Challenge” page.  The challenge is for a year, not a month.  We always have to do a challenge every time we move up a grade, so we wanted it to be the same way here.  And BTW, we changed it from 5 days to 1 week.  We also changed it from 3 celebrities and 3 characters to only 3 people (either celeb or fictional).  Do the challenge to find out about dates, gossip, fashion and more!  Good Luck!

You know you love us!

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It’s a Brand New Day! ♥

Hey girlies,

It feels so great to finally write the first few words on my new blog!  Welcome to XOXO The Pretty Committee, the blog about the life of the five alphas from Westchester.  Some of you may know me as fairygirl11952.  (Just to make things clear, I am still going to be posting on that blog).  I was writing fashion posts and Clique posts on FG11952, so I decided to open a new blog to separate them.  The posts about the Pretty Committee will officially take place here!  All the introductions and endings will be normally in Massie’s perspective, but the stories will be in 3rd person.  I have some basic pages with more to come! (when I think of them), a page all about the five girls in the Pretty Committee (Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen and Claire), Massie’s Current State of the Union (that would be changed after every post), Massie’s Mannequin, and the most prestigious page of all………The Secret Room (and The Challenge to go with it).  The Secret Room holds all the juicy gossip, the fashion trends, and romantic stories ♥  All you have to do is complete the challenge.  You will find all the details on “The Challenge” page.  I look forward to see who is up for it!

Now that this is a new blog, some things are going to be changed.  The Pretty Committee are going to be in the 9th grade at OCD High after summer ends.  Pretend that Massie never left Westchester, and Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen never upgraded their boyfriends.  Kristen is still with Dempsey (I know how big of an event that was in FG11952, but something else will happen now).  Also in my stories, Claire will still be living in Massie’s guesthouse.  Basically forget everything that has happened in the stories from FG11952.

Now if you have seen the Pretty Committee page, you will know that I have posted face claims for them.  But, I did not post them for the guys.  If you are still interested in seeing face claims for the boys, here they are!

Landon Crane

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 1.56.52 PM

(I know Landon is supposed to have black hair, but this is how I have always imagined him when I read the books)

Josh Hotz

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 1.58.19 AM

(The two Joshes were not on purpose ;))

Derrick Harrington

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.45.47 PM

Dempsey Solomon

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 9.01.01 PM

Cam Fisher

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 9.04.16 PM

Can’t wait to write the next post!

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