The Challenge

Hey girlies,

Ever heard of the Secret Room? Well everyone should as Skye and the DSL Daters held that “competition” for access to it. Well we are holding our own challenge. Anyone can take the challenge, but you will only get the password to the Secret Room page if you complete the challenge. Take the challenge and you will get access to our fave trends, school gossip and many more. ♥


The Pretty Committee

BTW, just want to throw a shoutout at LovelyMassieBlock for inspiring me to create the Secret Room page! I heart u!

The Challenge

Email to enter.   All you have to do, is answer the following questions below:

What is your blog name?

What is the name of Alicia’s parents?

What is Chris Abeley’s horse called?

What are the names of Claire’s friends in Orlando?

What Briarwood class was the Pretty Committee spying on in the secret room?

What happened when the Pretty Committee snuck into Briarwood, and tried to fix the camera?

What was the result of that?

That’s it!   How simple is that!


The Pretty Committee


Elite Members of the Secret Room ♣

Hakuna Matata 9

Massie Glamorous Alpha / XOXO Miss Alison Wilcox


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